Because success is driven by a sustainable corporate culture

Lytt is a risk management system that prevents financial damage through early detection and increases the efficiency and satisfaction of your employees.

Zusammen arbeitende Menschen

Working Climate in Numbers

Harassment & Discrimination

During the last year, One out of Five workers has experienced some form of harassment or discrimination in the workplace.

Federal Office of Statistics Germany (Qualität der Arbeit), 2017

Discretion & Trust

As a result of missing discretion and trust, 56 percent of the cases are not reported.

Executive Secretary Magazine, 2017

Competence & Neutrality

4 out of 5 employees desire more higher competence in dealing with harassment and discrimination in the workplace.

Federal Anti-Discrimination Agency, 2015

The Consequences of Unresolved Incidents for those Affected


Increase in
sick leave

Bündnis gegen Cybermobbing, 2014


Increase in
Staff Turnover

Executive Secretary Magazine, 2017


Anstieg der

Bündnis gegen Cybermobbing, 2014

Our Whistleblowing System puts your employees first

We are convinced that the satisfaction of your employees is just as crucial to your success as the satisfaction of your customers.

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Risk Minimization

By early detection of grievances you avoid financial and reputational damage.

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Data Security

A special encryption method and ISO 27001 certified servers allow maximum data security.

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Easily capture and process all incidents in your individual dashboard.

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High level of customization through progressive web app and API interface.

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User Friendliness

Innovative and user-friendly reporting process with linked dialog function.

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Up to 12 languages to facilitate transnational implementation.

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Corporate Culture

Promote satisfaction and engagement through putting your employees concerns first.

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Satisfied employees not only work more efficiently, they also have lower turnover rates.

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We certify your company for a fair and sustainable corporate culture.