Hi, I'm Lytt 👋

As a digital assistant, I help employees address difficult issues.
In this way, I help companies identify problems early and prevent risks. Sounds interesting?
Of course! 👍
All right. You can find further information on this page or directly in a personal demo.

Lytt asks the right questions

With easy questions, Lytt helps finds out what happened and records all incident data.

  • 24/7 incident reporting
  • First aid
  • User-friendly Web App
  • Multilingualism (12+ languages)

Reports that matter

Companies can easily view and edit incidents in a dashboard.
  • Individual dashboard
  • Statistics and evaluations
  • Documentation
  • Easy collaboration with multiple case managers

Anonymous chat with a confidant

Anonymous two-way communication creates a safe space to clarify further questions and provide help.
  • Initial consultation by a confidant
  • Training for internal confidant(s)
  • Case management support by experts
  • Case handling by experts

Lytt Services

Support and advice from our experts

  • Training for internal confidant(s)
  • Specific case managemnet & Mediations
  • Workshops & Coachings

Lytt Communication

Transparent communication for a strong employer brand
  • Set-up & Onboarding
  • Print- & Digital media
  • Lytt Certificate