A tailored Compliance-service for your needs

We offer you a solution that is individually tailored to your needs and requirements.

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Identify problems before they arise

More than half of all employees remain silent when they experience forms of discrimination, harassment or bullying in the workplace. Lytt helps to identify problems early and prevent risks.

  • Promotion of health management
  • Reduction of personnel fluctuation
  • Reduction of sick days
  • Protection against financial losses
  • Protection against image damage

Creating transparency, enabling cultural change

Detailed analyses provide an accurate picture of the working climate and show recommendations for action to improve the corporate culture.

  • Analyses of reports
  • Evaluation based on frequency, type and more
  • Uniform quality assurance
  • User-friendly dashboard

A sign of fairness and diversity

Trusting communication promotes fair and respectful cooperation and equal opportunities within the company. This improves innovation and strengthens the attractiveness your employer brand.


A small price with a big impact

Low-threshold communication channels are essential, especially for dynamic and fast-growing companies.

Small Enterprises

500 €

up to 500 Employees

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  • Web-App
  • 24/7 Reporting
  • SSL Encryption
  • ISO 27001
  • GDPR

Flexible prices for every need

Like Lytt

Work together in a team on messages and involve important people directly.

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Statistics & Analytics

Easily capture and process all incidents in your individual dashboard.

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Consulting by Experts

If required, our experts will take over the further processing and support you in mediation talks.

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Further development of your employees through workshops on personnel management, preventive intervention techniques, conflict management.

Large Enterprises

0.39 €

per Employee & Month*

*Exemplary prize of a medium-sized company with 20,000 employees.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an onboarding process?

Yes — We provide you with print and digital media. For larger enterprises, we recommend developing a communication strategy together.

In which periods does the billing take place?

You can decide for yourself if you want your billing per month quarterly biannually or yearly

How do my employees get access?

We provide you with an individual domain that allows your employees to report incidents at any time.

What is a progrssive Web-App?

Unlike traditional apps, a progressive Web-App provides access not only to iOS and Android systems, but also to devices that are set up on Windows, Linux, Ubuntu and BlackberryOS.

What is a Whistleblowing System?

A Whistleblowing System allows employees to report workplace misconduct safely and anonymously to a designated office. In this way, grievances can be detected early on and financial and reputational damage can be preventively avoided.

Is the contract terminable monthly?

Yes — However, to receive a certificate, you must have subscribed to one of our packages for at least 1 year.

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