Our Vision is to give every employee a voice to speak up about concerns at work, without fear of retaliation.

Because every person deserves to be treated with respect and tolerance, regardless of origin, gender, religion, ideology, disability, age or sexual identity. We are convinced that through safe and discrete communication, we give every employee the opportunity to be heard and understood.

We are the Dissenters and Innovators of Tomorrow's Working Environment

Our goal is to offer each employee the opportunity to be heard and advised without fear of being disadvantaged. It is our goal to redesign trustworthy communication with an innovative and digital solution. That's why we want to develop a strong brand that drives our vision loud and quiet . In this way, we want to enlighten grievances in the past, make fairer and more respectful living together, and preventively counteract mental stress in the workplace.

Our Compliance


Marvin Homburg Marvin Homburg
Marvin Homburg
Managing Director & Security Officer LinkedIn
Lara von Petersdorff-Campen Marvin Homburg
Lara von Petersdorff-Campen
Managing Director & Ethics Officer LinkedIn
Christine Lüders Christine Lüders
Christine Lüders
Senior Partner
former Head of Federal Anti-Discrimination Agency
Henning Bittscheidt Henning Bittscheidt
Henning Bittscheidt
Marketing Analyst
Laura Jentsch Laura Jentsch
Laura Jentsch
Product Developer

Advisory Board

Katrin Micklitz Tim Arnold de Almeida
Tim Arnold de Almeida
(The Boston Consulting Group)
Katrin Micklitz Katrin Micklitz
Katrin Micklitz
Diversity-, Stress- & Healthconsultant
(University of Oxford)
Dr. Martin Nebeling Marvin Homburg
Dr. Martin Nebeling
Partner Employment Law Germany
(Bird & Bird)
Carsten Beisheim Marvin Homburg
Carsten Beisheim
Partner Compliance Germany
(Bird & Bird)
Prof. Dr. Guido Hertel Marvin Homburg
Prof. Dr. Guido Hertel
Organizational & Business Psychologist
(WWU Münster)
Dr. Charlotte Diehl Marvin Homburg
Dr. Charlotte Diehl
(CITEC/Universität Bielefeld)
Julian Schneider Marvin Homburg
Julian Schneider
Dagmar Hesse-Kreindler Marvin Homburg
Dagmar Hesse-Kreindler
Organization Consultant
(Founding Partner of Obermark AG)
Richard Hossiep Marvin Homburg
C. Richard Hossiep
Conceptual Consultant & Psychologist
(WWU Münster)
Kai Schaumann Marvin Homburg
Kai Schaumann
Strategy & Financial Consultant
(WWU Münster)

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