Speak up with Confidence

Lytt is a digital assistant that helps employees communicate difficult topics in a safe and anonymous way.

Thereby companies understand their working climate and sustainably promote the satisfaction and health of their employees.


What does Lytt mean?

“Lytt” is Norwegian and means listen .

The name reflects our vision to give every employee a voice to securely speak up.

Be heard

As a digital assistant, Lytt helps employees communicate anonymously and confidently, encouraging early attention to sensitive issues.

Be helped

After the dialogue with Lytt, employees can receive help from a trusted person in a protected dialogue.

“An integral part of any culture of trust is giving the opportunity to speak up anonymously, so that we can address the problem. The Lytt team has proven to be a competent, reliable partner in both integration and ongoing support.”

Sven-Olaf Gerdt
Managing Director - Meeressterne GmbH

You are in good company

Lytt has received several awards. Among our sponsors are the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energythe European Social Fund, the Founders Foundation from Bielefeld and the Digital: Hub from Münster. In addition, we work together with experts from many sectors and are particularly pleased to be able to inspire Mrs. Christine Lüders, the former head of the Federal Anti-Discrimination Agency for our vision and to welcome her as Senior Partner at Lytt.